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Taizipo Zone

Taizipo Zone

The Main Hall of the Revelation Temple

The Main Hall of the Revelation Temple, also the Founder's Hall, is the main part of the buildings of divinities and also the highest in the whole building complex. With the foil of Nine-turning Yellow River Walls, the Screen Wall and the Dragon and Tiger Palace, in the second courtyard intrude a high terrace on which The Revelation Temple stands. It looks very mighty and splendid and imbues people with a feeling of piety.

In the tenth year of the Yongle emperor in the Ming Dynasty, the Revelation Temple was built and was extended to the ruling period of the Jiaqing emperor. At the end of the Ming Dynasty it was largely destroyed. Then, in the 25th year of Emperor Kangxi's rule in the Qing Dynasty, local officers and pious people donated some money to repair it. Though the royal gaseity could never be regained, many folk practices of building were added to the Main Hall. So from the hall you can find the architectural skills and arts of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

In this palace, the statues of Zhenwu and his retinues, Gold Boy and Jade Girl, are worshipped. These statues are the biggest wooden sculptures decorated with coloured drawings which, after 600 years, are still as bright and beautiful as they originally were.

The Prince Study Hall

The Crown Prince palace, built in the Ming Dynasty, is on the highest point of Fuzhen Temple buildings. Though small and exquisite, it has the vitality of royal buildings. The grouping of things in the Crown Prince's Study Hall is ingenious. The wall paintings, stone cases, brush pens and ink and ancient books create an atmosphere to help one imagine the young Zhenwu's diligent study and visualize the learning hardships which the Crown Prince overcame with confidence and perseverance during his youth. The Crown Prince's reading statue worshiped in the hall has been regarded as the only place in Wudang Mountains for people to pray for good study and good fortune. By carefully observing the expression of the Crown Prince's reading statue and appreciating his studious attentiveness, visitors can obtain some new inspiration to help their own study.

By building the Crown Prince's reading hall is in intention to emphasize the virtue of the young Zhenwu's conscientious study. It is said that coming here to observe it with reverence can make the learner's study fruitful. Countless young people have come here to build up perseverance and confidence for their study. Now, a lot of parents who long to help their children succeed in life often come here to pray for good luck for their children.

Crown Prince Slope

The Crown Prince Slope scenic spot includes Dragon-returning Temple, Needle-rubbing well (Pure Sunshine Palace), Old Monarchs Hall, the Eight Immortals Temple, etc. Though the route is relatively long, most of them cling tightly to the road up to the mountain; and the means of transportation are very convenient.

The ancient buildings on the Crown Prince Slope were elaborately built according to the story of Emperor Zhenwu's cultivation. Ancient architects made full use of the topography to built up double-layered walls and the Nine-winding Yellow River Walls. When you pass two mountain gates, a spacious courtyard will come into view. Strolling further along the path, you will see secluded overlapping courtyard. In front, there was a building called Five-Cloud Building attaching to the rock; in the middle, the Halls to Store Royal scriptures; and at the back, the Crown Prince's palace on the dais. The layout here is irregular from left to right and dotted about from higher to lower places, harmonious and perfect, ingenious and full of mystery. Standing on the top of the Fuzhen Temple and looking down the deep abyss, you will see the green rivers winding away; looking at the mountains, you will find thousands of elegant and beautiful peaks. When the sun sets in the west, you can see the wonderful sight of "Cutting Shadow".

The main places of interest in this district include the exquisite gloriette of Needle-rubbing Well, the invertebrates of Paleozoic Era, right angle rock, the paintings of Zhenwu's cultivation, the waterfall of Heaven Pool, the Tears-dropping Pool, one pillar with twelve girders, osmanthus trees and Nine-winding Yellow River Walls. Furthermore, there are the ancient road of belt-like 18-turning, unique rocks in Nine-passing Gully and steep Yuxu Rock, etc.

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