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The Six Zones


The Palace of Harmony

The Palace of Harmony, or the Golden Peak, lies in the top of Skyscraper peak which is the highest peak of Wudang Mountains. Skyscraper peak, with an elevation of 1613 meters penetrating into the clouds, was regarded as a pillar to support the sky and the highest scenic spot in Wudang Mountains. You have not come to Wudang Mountains in a real sense until you climbed onto the peak and entered the Palace of Harmony no matter you are Taoist, pilgrim, visitor, or man of letters. One emperor of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di ordered to build the Palace of Harmony 600 year ago. Read more


Betelnut Temple

Betelnut Temple, on the road from Crow Hill to the Golden Peak, built in the tenth year of Yongle Emperor in Ming Dynasty, is the biggest one among the 16 temples at that period in Wudang Mountains. Now there are still reserving the Grand Hall, Side Hall, Wing-rooms, Mountain gate and Palace Walls.

There is a close relationship between Betelnut Temple and the story of Zhenwu's austerity practice. People said that when Zhenwu was practicing austerity, he wanted to give up and get away from the mountains. Read more


Two Bearings Hall

In the South Cliff, there is a hall called Two Bearings Hall. Here two bearings refer to father and mother, heaven and earth, or Yin and Yang. The main characteristic of Taoism is loyalty and filial piety. Behind the grand hall of every palace and temples there built Parents' Hall to worship Zhenwu's real father and mother, by which to teach all the visitors to be filial to their parents which is the code of conduct in Taoism. All these showed that Chinese theory of faith, piety and ethic had combined into Wudang Taoist doctrine.
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The Main Hall of the Revelation Temple

The Main Hall of the Revelation Temple, also the Founder's Hall, is the main part of the buildings of divinities and also the highest in the whole building complex. With the foil of Nine-turning Yellow River Walls, the Screen Wall and the Dragon and Tiger Palace, in the second courtyard intrude a high terrace on which The Revelation Temple stands. It looks very mighty and splendid and imbues people with a feeling of piety.
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Lingxu Cliff

Lingxu Cliff, very famous among the 36 cliffs in Wudang Mountains, is situated on Peach Wood Hill, to the east of the Five-dragon Palace. Looking around, the entire world is green; The mountain streams ring in the valley as if the voice of sea or thunder. As isolated from the outside world, it's an ideal place to self-cultivate. You can't help being surprised by the stable belief and lasting willpower of the former Taoists and hermits. Read more


The Grand Hall of Purple Cloud Palace

The nucleus construction of Purple Cloud Palace, the Grand Hall is the only existing double-eaved, lean-to-hill, wooden building. As one of the quite rare building of uplift wooden crossbeam construction in the history of the Taoist architecture, the Grand Hall is scientific and rational in structure and overall arrangement, harmonious and coherent in artistic style, united with surroundings as a whole. Read more

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