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Weapons of Wudang

The Weapons of Wudang

Eight Immortal Cudgel

This set of Kung fu belongs to Wudang Eight Immortals School and was created depending on the characteristics of eight immortals. Zhong Hanli(one of the eight immortals) undoes the clothes to sleep; He Xiangu catches up with the stars and the moon with her cudgel; Lv Dongbin seems to get drunk; Han Xiangzi plays the flute; Lan Caihe represents flowers; Cao Guojiu recites; Tie Guaili gets downstairs from the clouds with one leg; Zhang Guolao rides the donkey with face backwards. This work vividly represents all the immortals's airs.

Eight Immortals Sword

It derives from the postures of eight immortals and combines the features of wudang Kung fu. Form and will are both contained in the simple but practical movements. Meanwhile it is a combination of both vigor and suppleness. Just as the old saying goes: Dongbin(one of the eight immortals) looks quite like a knight-errant with a sword on his back; Zhongli lives a carefree life with a fan in his hand; Guolao feels frightened when Guojiu comes near. Caihe is quite proud of his mansion; If He Xiangu opens Eight Trigram Array, Even Xiangzi cannot survive a narrow escape from death.

The Fu Chen

The Fu Chen or Horse-tail Whisk is a very characteristic weapon of Taoist Kung Fu. In ancient times when a Taoist disciple was ready to leave the temple, the Fu Chen was one of the three gifts that a Taoist Master would give to his disciple as a reminding of their faith and beliefs. When the wandering disciple was tempted to return to the earthly society, the Fu Chen would remind him that those temptations were just like flies around him and that he had to scare them away. The Fu Chen is a soft weapon.

Xuan Men Sword

Just as we often say: Wudang Sword and Shaolin Cudgel. Wudang is famous for its sword. Sword plays a very special role in Chinese weapons. Taiyi Xuanmen Sword is of more prominence, and it is a specialty of Wudang Kung fu. When it is practiced, it requires that the sword should go with the body and the will should be used to lead the movements so as to make the two as one unit. For example, there are some refined movements in Xuan Men Sword such as the magnificence of blue dragon rushing out of the sea, the influence of seeing the sun through thick clouds, smart cows watching the moon, the mystery of the ape removing the trees.

Weapon Forms

XuanMen Sword Play: 74 postures in all. Shaolin enjoys its fame of cudgel manipulation for a long history, while wudang gains its popularity for its internal Kungfu and sword. Sword plays a very special role in Chinese martial arts, and it is considered as "King of Weapons". Taiyi Xuanmen Sword is the most valuable treasure among weapon manipulation arts. When performed perfectly, the sword is to follow the movement of body, and is manipulated by the will so that it can achieve such a state that the body and the sword can cooperate as one unit.

Baxian Sword Play (Eight Immortal Sword): 81 postures in all. It originated from the Stances of Eight immortals. This work makes movements of both sword and body incorporated into one unit and embeds intention in body movement. It is characterized by simplicity, combined force of hardness and suppleness, and imitative stances of eight immortals.

Longhua Sword Play: 71 postures in all. As the northern wudang kungfu lineage, Longhua Sword Play features the typical movements of a dragon. When performed perfectly, it looks as though the dragon was passing through the clouds, rushing into the peaks in a sudden or hiding in the bottom of the canyon in unexpected way. And throughout the whole process, all the movements are perfectly coherent with each other and full of vigor.

Fochen Play (a kind of horse-tail whisker): 55 postures in all. This weapon has the implication to keep aloof from the mortal world. It is a kind of soft weapon and can be carried along with easily. The movements for this work are mainly cut, pull, shake, sweep and so on. And once it is performed well, people are often impressed by the feeling that they resemble the wind sweeping the ground. It combines features of sword and broadsword with the styles of whip and dart, thus fully representing the characteristics of perfect combination of the hard and the soft as well as lauching all attacks later (but not overlooking the defence).

Chiwu Spear Play: 72 postures in all. It is said that spear is the king of weapons. A lot of famous generals in ancient times are skillful at using spears. Once practiced, the body and the spear can not be separated from each other, and that the spear should move in line with the body and vice versa. Ziwu Spear can be used to parry overhead, press downward, prick forward, and punch backward. It is an ideal weapon for both attack and defense. The whole set of movements is very smooth and swift, as though an easy dragon was playing with water.

Xuangong Broadsword: 63 postures in all. It is a kind of Kun fu which belongs to wudang Xuangong School. The postures include cutting, sweeping, hooking, tangling, upper cutting and so on. When performed handsomely, it should be felt as though the dragon was dashing out of water. And the wrist-work must be carried out high flexibly, in good cooperation with internal work in coherent and smooth way.

Spring and Autumn Broadsword: 48 movements in all. As one weapon manipulation, it enjoys the same popularity as spear. But the latter is often connected with the magic of dragon, while the former is commonly related to the courage of a tiger. There goes a legend: Guan Yu, a famous general in Three Kingdom period, was an expert in using this broadsword. So he named it scimitar. Besides, he liked to read History of Spring and Autumn Period and wanted to follow the example to become a hero at that time. Therefore, people named it as Spring and Autumn Broadsword. The main movements for this work are cutting, liao (upper cutting), wiping, patting and so on. When practiced well, the broadsword can go wherever the body goes. Each posture is full of force, steadiness and vigor.

Harrow Play: 56 postures in all. A harrow can weigh more than 50 kilograms, a unique weapon in Taoist Kung fu. It is a mixture of broadsword, spear and cudgel. For a harrow practitioner, some people believe, in the front, it is a spear for him to wield; at two sides, two tulwars; and behind, a rake is supplied; and in well connection of the three, a cudgel is there in the middle communing with the three. The main movements for this weapon is pricking, liao(upper cutting), mixing, raking and so on.

Baxian Cudgel (eight immortal cudgel): 61 postures in all. This work is one treasure of Wudang Eight Immortal School which is only handed down secretly to specially-nominated disciples. It is created in reference to the features of eight Taoist immortals, namely, Zhong Hanli, He Xiangu, Lv Dongbin, Han Xiangzi, Lan Caihe, Cao Guojiu, Tie Guaili, and Zhang Guolao. It is heard in a legendary story that Zhong Hanli undid the clothes to sleep; He Xiangu catched up with the stars and the moon with her cudgel; Lu Dongbin seemed to get drunk; Han Xiangzi played the flute; Lan Caihe painted flowers; Cao Guojiu recited poem; Tie Guaili descended from the clouds with one leg; Zhang Guolao rode the donkey with face backwards. From such description, people can vividly visualize how this cudgel play presents its contents.

Easy Shovel: 72 postures in all. It is also a unique weapon of Taoist martial art. It is somewhat similar to crescent shovel in Buddhism and a must for Taoists when they go for travel. It is said that the easy shovel was passed down by Lao Tsu. Lao Tsu left 81 shovels to encourage his disciples to cultivate their moral character attentively, in a hope that they can do good and remove evil. Easy Shovel is a weapon incorporating cudgel, fork, and spear. Its main movements are pressing, parrying, pricking, shoveling, wiping, patting and so on. Such art looks magnificent once in mastership performance.

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