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in Tao the only motion is returning

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The Six Zones

The Palace of Harmony, or the Golden Peak, lies in the top of Skyscraper peak which is the highest peak of Wudang Mountains. Skyscraper peak, with an elevation of 1613 meters penetrating into the clouds, was regarded as a pillar to support the sky and the highest scenic spot in Wudang Mountains. You have not come to Wudang Mountains in a real sense until you climbed onto the peak and entered the Palace of Harmony no matter you are Taoist, pilgrim, visitor, or man of letters. One emperor of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di ordered to build the Palace of Harmony 600 year ago. Read more

Kung Fu

Wudang Kung Fu

Zhang-Sanfeng, the founder of Wudang Internal Boxing, was the famous Wudang Taoist in Wudang Mountains at the turn of Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. It was said that Zhang-Sanfeng, originally named Zhang-Quanyi, nicknamed Sanfeng, was born in Yizhou City, Liaoning Province and was tall and strong, with tortoise shape and swan bone, big ears and round eyes, hard beards and moustaches. He always wore a coir raincoat and a pair of straw scandals.
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Tai Chi

Wudang Tai Chi

Since Chinese Wushu has a long history, no one can tell exactly the sources of so many kinds of boxing styles and there is no available way to find them. For example, eight- diagram palm was created by Dong Hai chuan, and then he passed it to Bi Cheng qie (Red Lotus Taoist) and his master's brother Guo Yuanji (Iron Cap Taoist), but nobody knows to whom Bi and Guo passed on the boxing? Read more

Chi Kung

The Power of Chi

In Chinese philosophy and medicine there exists the concept of "chi" (Qi), a vital force that animates the body. One of the avowed aims of Qigong is to foster the circulation of this "chi" within the body, the belief being that by doing so the health and vitality of the person are enhanced. This "chi" circulates in patterns that are close related to the nervous and vascular system and thus the notion is closely connected with that of the practice of acupuncture and other oriental healing arts. Read more


In Tao the Only Motion is Returning

Extending the lifespan to the eternal has been human beings' ideal and pursuit from the time when man had the self-consciousness. This fine ideal and desire is revealed and reflected in religious conceptions, literatures and arts of every nationality all over the world.

China, the cradle of Taoism, is a nation with brilliant civilization and long history. Chinese nation, known for its emphasis on life, has longed for the long lifespan and immortality.
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The Wudang Global Federation asks for a one time donation only. After we have received your payment and organization details (state the website url you want us to link to) by PayPal we will verify your details and once approved we will add your organization name and link to our members list on this page (normally done within 2 weeks). Read more

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