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in Tao the only motion is returning

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Wudang Kung Fu


The History of Kung Fu

Zhang-Sanfeng, the founder of Wudang Internal Boxing, was the famous Wudang Taoist in Wudang Mountains at the turn of Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. It was said that Zhang-Sanfeng, originally named Zhang-Quanyi, nicknamed Sanfeng, was born in Yizhou City, Liaoning Province and was tall and strong, with tortoise shape and swan bone, big ears and round eyes, hard beards and moustaches. He always wore a coir raincoat and a pair of straw scandals.
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Ba Kua

Eight Diagrams Palm is the famous internal boxing of China with profound theories and agile movements. The palm, bearing in mind the theory of eight diagrams, is to realize the mind through all the parts of the body quickly and flexibly. Ba Gua or eight diagrams forms the basis of the I-Ching. The foundation of Ba Kua is in the circling movements and it's constant changes. The ultimate goal is to allow the body to move, act and react naturally. Read more


Eight Immortal Cudgel

This set of Kung fu belongs to Wudang Eight Immortals School and was created depending on the characteristics of eight immortals. Zhong Hanli(one of the eight immortals) undoes the clothes to sleep; He Xiangu catches up with the stars and the moon with her cudgel; Lv Dongbin seems to get drunk; Han Xiangzi plays the flute; Lan Caihe represents flowers; Cao Guojiu recites; Tie Guaili gets downstairs from the clouds with one leg; Zhang Guolao rides the donkey with face backwards. Read more

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