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The NetherlandsTaichibond Benelux
The NetherlandsShaolinbond Nederland

Wudang Global Federation

The Wudang Global Federation groups together international martial arts federations and various other associations to:

  • Defend world-wide martial arts
  • Become better informed and to inform
  • To co-operate together and to co-ordinate their activities

Wudang Global Federation

Among the objectives laid down in its Statutes, WGF is to:

  • Maintain the authority and the autonomy of its members
  • Promote closer links between its members and all other sports organizations
  • Co-ordinate and protect common interests
  • collect, verify and disseminate information

Why the WGF?

Many of today's martial arts stem from very old historical roots. Once martial arts competitions expanded beyond their regional and national frame, it became necessary to standardize these rules and to create International Federations. This was the case in gymnastics in 1881, and rowing and skating in 1892. The rapid growth of martial arts and the creation of new activities have considerably increased the number and the importance of the International Federations.

Development of the Martial Arts Movement

The International Federations make an essential contribution to the development of martial arts through the contributions and the cooperation of the national federations affiliated to them.

Become a Member

The Wudang Global Federation asks for a one time donation only. After we have received your payment and organization details (state the website url you want us to link to) by PayPal we will verify your details and once approved we will add your organization name and link to our members list on this page (normally done within 2 weeks). In any case we could not approve your membership we will return your payment. We keep the right to cancel memberships without notice and without further restitutions. Under no circumstances shall the Wudang Global Federation or its licensors be held liable for any delay or failure in performance.

Contact us to become a member.

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