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Wudang Global Federation

The main goal of the Wudang Global Federation is spreading the Chinese Martial Arts and culture around the world.

Wudang Global Federation

The main goal of the Wudang Global Federation is spreading the Chinese Martial Arts and culture around the world.
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China has a long and rich history. Chinese Martial Arts has a worldwide reputation and vastness represented one of the most cherished facets of traditional Chinese culture. In China there is a folk saying that in the north Shaolin-style is respected while in the south Wudang-style is esteemed, Wudang and Shaolin are the two birthplaces of Chinese Martial Arts and both have had strict principles in succession since the ancient times. After the year 1970 Wudang and Shaolin are open to the outside world.

The ancient buildings in Wudang Mountains have been famous in the world for their beauty, large scale and grandeur, so that Wudang Mountains were taken onto the list of World Cultural Legacy by UNESCO on December 17, 1994. Most of the ancient buildings which were devised and planned according to the legend of Zhenwu's self-cultivation assemble all the traditional building skills and reveal the emperors' rightful power and great and solemn Heaven. They also have shown that Taoism worships the nature, to the extent of contributing great and beautiful royal palaces, mysterious and wonderful Taoism, quiet and classic gardens and other features. The ancient buildings, the reflection of ancient scheme, plan and ar-chi-tecture are also a wonder in the history of world buildings, especially the highly harmonious unity of artificial buildings and natural view-sites, giving reason to surprise all the people in the world.


For development of Wudang Kungfu, the Wudang Taoism Association (WTA) made a decision after series of research in the year of 1989 to appoint master Zhong Yunlong and his master Guo Gao-yi (deceased) to found the Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy (WTKFA). It was the first step for Wudang Kungfu to open to the outside.

In the past few years, we have received infante of Indonesia, leaders and friends of Germany, Australia, USA and Spain etc. We were also invited to attend cultural exchange and give martial arts shows in the US, Europe, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, which is warmly welcomed by the leaders and martial arts enthusiasts and reported by many global media.

Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy owns a team of masters who have won many prizes in martial art competitions both at home and abroad with one of the authentic inheritors of SanFeng school in Wudang Mountains as its chief master. Based on its deep-rooted inner culture of traditional Taoist Martial Art, we have cultivated hundreds of people with martial art ability which enjoys a high reputation in the martial art circle both at home and abroad.

WTKFA is located in Mount Wudang, close to Zixiao Temple (WTA), There are dormitory (double-room or single-room with bathroom), dining room, large practicing hall and classroom. The Academy with high-quality teachers and graceful environments, is the base and centre for culture exchange and Wudang Kungfu training. Now, more foreign practitioners are coming to learn Wudang Kung Fu at WTKFA. We will always do our best to serve their practical needs. Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy now has six competent Kung Fu coaches -- who received special training for years with Master Zhong Yun Long and other Wudang Kung Fu masters - teaching Wudang Kung Fu forms.


  • Boxing: Xingyi, Eight Diagrams,LiangYi, Tiger Taming, Ba Ji, Long Hua and Xuan Gong as the highest harmony boxing etc.
  • Weapons: sword, spear, broadsword, cudgel, eay-shovel, horsetail whisk etc.
  • Tai Chi: Sanfeng Tai Chi, Qigong, Tai Chi of thirteen forms, brocade of eight sections, Tai Chi Hun Yuan Stake, Sanfeng Tai Chi sword and inner Qigong.


  • Six days training a week.
  • You can come anytime. Even during Chinese Spring Festival there are masters in the academy.
  • You will be offered room and board during your stay at the Academy in Wudang Mountains.
  • Broadband wire for on-line surfing in every room.
  • Some teachers here can speak English, and you can learn Chinese with the Chinese students (talk with them, and they are very friendly).
  • If you stay in the academy less than one year,you can come here with your tourist visa. If needed we can help you change you tourist visa to visit visa.
  • All kinds of food as well as fried or stirred dishes are provided by the canteen of the academy. Vegetarian diets are also available in the academy.


Contact us by email. We can offer short term and long term training classes for all the people who are interested in Chinese Martial Arts. We have professional international Chinese Martial Arts coaches. Charge Standard from 560 EURO/MONTH. Price includes tuition, living (three meals daily), accommodation. We offer special summer camp tours for people from the Netherlands & Belgium, please visit the Taichi Bond for detailed information about these tours. We must have received full payment on our bank account at least one month before the actual arrival date at our academy.

Wudang Global Federation: The main goal of the Wudang Global Federation is spreading the Chinese Martial Arts and culture around the world.

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