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Many people who observed someone practicing Tai Chi Chuan will remark on its grace and beauty. It is like dance in its exterior form, but in reality it is much more than that. It benefits both the interior and the exterior of the body. It is a moving meditation. It is a physical exercise that is suitable for people of all ages. It needs very little space for practice and needs no special equipment.

Tai Chi Chuan is taught in slow and relaxed movements. You are taught deep regulated breathing which can promote blood circulation and Lung capacity. Tai Chi Chuan developed into martial arts originally based on Taoism. It is often referred as the mother of martial arts. Gradually it began to develop into a healing art with its slow form.

The people who often practice this ancient martial arts own a healthy body and a sharp mind. Those who practice Tai Chi regularly will have an inner tranquility that allows you to let your thought guide your actions. This inner peace brings a sense of well being and inner strength to you.

1. Argumentation about spirit: The three treasures of bodybuilding are: maintain the vigor and then turn it to inner energy, maintain the inner energy and turn it to spirit, and the third, keep all of them in good care. If one can do it well, one cwill become energetic and intelligent and can also accomplish the tasks that are beyond their abilities and achieve the degree, which the others cannot get to. The way is called Tai Chi Regimen which means to master the three treasures of bodybuilding and the regularity of the change between the vigor, inner energy and the spirit. When one exercises it, he can achieve the goal of bodybuilding and live a long life.

2.Tai Chi argumentation Tai Chi was generated by Wuji when Yin and Yang combined together (that is one Qi diverted into two, namely, Yin and Yang, when Yin and Yang combined, the Mixture is called Tai Chi) But what dose Tai Chi mean? Laozi said: Void is the beginning of heaven and earth, which means the mixture. Mixture is the vitality and the original elements that composed the world. Thus " void" got its name. The original world was born from Yin and Yang and later it developed in them but at that time, there was no limit between Yin and Yang. It was the very beginning of myriad creatures in the world. Void has no limits.

When the mixture had been divided and the original pattern of world was set. Yin and Yang began to combine with each other. That is called " tangible world comes from the intangible one". Tangible world is the mother of everything in the world, which was called Tai Chi later on. For example, the combination of the heaven and the earth ,and Yin and Yang gave birth to myriad creatures. The movement of the sun and the moon brought forth the 4 seasons. The intercourse between the male and the female gives birth to a new life. This is called Tai Chi and thus became the mother of everything.

3. Liang Yi Argumentation Tai Chi, the real meaning is tranquility and peace. The combination is as a whole, in which there is object, and the limit of tranquility turns into the separation of Yin and Yang, so they are called two components, thus, when the two components separates, one is dead and when the two combines, a new life begins.

4. Human beings are born in the vitality and then live in it. The vigor comes from food. It is unclear, feminine and mobile; while the inner energy comes from the vigor. It is clear, masculine and stationary. They are the main components of the heart and the kidney of the human body. When the body is full of vigor, the human being has life while it is frail, people will die. The opposite is that the vigor converts into the inner energy and then the spirit. These two then combine perfectly, thus Taoism and immortal come into being. However, the two belong to the character and the will. The character is like ape that is restless and belongs to Yin, while the will is like horse that is still and belongs to Yang.

When one can control the ape that is his character, and the horse that is his will will be under his control automatically. Therefore, in order to control their character and will, the practioners try their best to strengthen their character and will. They also turn the air they inhaled to the inner energy and further the spirit. When one keeps on to be energetic, he can live a long life and take his body in good care, which is the good result of the cultivation.

Harmony between the heart and the will, the will and the inner energy, and the inner energy and the spirit are called the six harmonies. Only when these elements are harmonious with each other, one can live and grow. Therefore, the way of Tai Chi Regimen is the way to live a long life, the root of the life and the stone step of becoming the immortal.

Xiaocheng kung fu of Taoism is to convert the vigor to inner energy, the pure inner energy, and then transfer the inner energy to spirit, the real spirit. When the spirit and the inner energy combine, the light of character comes out. The whole process is like the flower blossoming over the wall, and also like the luminous pearl high in the sky lightens the darkness.

The scripts said: When the flowers begin to blossom, it is the best time to appreciate. Pick and swallow them down is a good way to add nourishment to the body. Pick and collect them when they are mature, one can get its essence. When the real character and the real essence are combined, Dacheng kung fu is generated. The way to practise:
There are many ways to practise, such as walking, stopping, sitting and lying ect. One cannot stick to one pattern. Now illustrate the sitting style cautiously as follow: Before sitting, loosen the cloths and sink the heart slightly, make sure that the body should be upright and not be bound by anything else. The blood vessels go through freely. Sweep away the distracting thoughts in order to concentrate.

Sit with your legs crossed. Before sitting, erect the body with flat legs and sit in a natural way. Curl back the right leg and then the thigh. Pull the left leg and put it on the right bone with the left leg outwards in the embracing gesture.

The thumb of the right hand grasps its middle finger is called Wuzi jue. With the thumb of the left hand in the right one and then grasp the Zizi jue. This is called Ziwu shuang jue. Embrace the right hand is with Yang on the back and Yin under arms. It is on the male's left and female 's right side. Put the hands in the conjunction of two thighs and the belly. Xu ling ding Jin: Look to the bridge of the nose, with the tip of the tongue face against the upper palate. Be sure that do not close eyes tightly or the vitality will be in disorde. While open them too wide, the vitality will go out and cannot come back. Thus one cannot get any effect. It is the best to look at the middle of two eyes.

After the thoughts are dispassionate, pay attention to the eyes, ears and respire of nose. When begin to practise, one needs to let the breath ascend from and descend to Dantian(lower abdomen). After a period of time, all the energy comes to the middle of the body and intelligence ascends. Light of intelligence appears in the two eyes. Dan script says: heart ape is locked on the olive tree and it is true.

It is usually observe that among the 5 elements, the energy gathers naturally. If failed in one aspect, then the energy is motivated. Things will develop to the opposite direction when they become extreme. When the stationary goes to its extreme, the motion will be produced. Then Dantian produces the pure energy, namely, heat is generated. Void room became pale Magic light appears and gradually becomes bright, and it changes from faint to pale. It is also called the light of character.

script says: Look at the middle of the two eyes and brighten the heart to hold Zuqiao, these motions can testify one's Kung fu. It can cultivate oneself and his heart to the pure character. So the way is called the basic feat.

Annotation: Zuqiao locates in between the two eyebrows; the magic light appears in the very place if one's character is pure. This is also the source of immortal way.

5. Zhoutian Augmentation
Close the eyes engrossingly and wait calmly until there is enough inner energy in the Dantian and descend the breath naturally, then go out from the valley and go over 3 passes. At last, ascend along Dumai, but after surmounting the three passes, the process becomes very difficult. So respiration should be adjusted and one should control the depth of the respiration. Tu na dao yin techniques should be used. When the adjustments are made, energy and breath should be interdependent and contain each other.

When inhale, go out of the valley and surmount the three passes, raise air along Dumai. While exhale, go out from Baihui and cross the bird bridge, then descend for 12 floors along Dumai. Sink the breath to Dantian; this is called Xiaozhou tian way of motion.

When the breath is raising, heat wave will ascend along Dumai. While when the breath sinks, cool wave will descend from Baihui till to Dantian. When one has a hot or numb sense, it is called to pick up the herb medicine and put it to the furnace (script says that raising the breath and picking up the herb medicine while sinking the breath to Dantian is called putting into the furnace)

Meanwhile whenever deep breath exists and air sinks, a cool wave goes downward to all part of the body from Baihui. The feeling is just like to have a shower, so it is called bathing, after which the air goes free and the blood circulate smoothly, the whole body gets warm. This is the success of zhoutian feat.

6. Dadao Argumentation
Like this: practise continually but not too diligent, every air, the root, ling light appears and observe while keep it with the inhaling and exhaling descending and ascending, the energy is motivated. One will have a comfortable and mysterious feeling. During this process, one should have observed the truth. (script says it is like observing emptiness in fact which is not empty) observe not defense (script says, Live but don't possess is the appearance, all the energy will disappear. The air of respiration gradually dims away till Taixi, when achieve this degree, one feels a sense of trance. In the process, Nei xiang can't come out and wai xiang cannot come out, this is called Jingding (tranquility)

All of a sudden, one has a fresh feeling and become energetic, thus the intelligence is produced. This is the good result of turning the inner energy to the spirit. And then one can become immortal.

Afterwards, there is something like pure Yang appearing from it . One can see the heaven and the earth once again and can thoroughly understand it. Achieving this, one gets Dadao and it is not far away to become the immortal.

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