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in Tao the only motion is returning

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Tai Chi


Tai Chi from Wudang

Since Chinese Wushu has a long history, no one can tell exactly the sources of so many kinds of boxing styles and there is no available way to find them. For example, eight- diagram palm was created by Dong Hai chuan, and then he passed it to Bi Cheng qie (Red Lotus Taoist) and his master's brother Guo Yuanji (Iron Cap Taoist), but nobody knows to whom Bi and Guo passed on the boxing? Read more


General Tai Chi Information

Many people who observed someone practicing Tai Chi Chuan will remark on its grace and beauty. It is like dance in its exterior form, but in reality it is much more than that. It benefits both the interior and the exterior of the body. It is a moving meditation. It is a physical exercise that is suitable for people of all ages. It needs very little space for practice and needs no special equipment. Read more


Tai Chi Regimen Exercises

The 13-style Tai Chi is about 13 routines and 60 postures in all. It is believed to be the authentic Tai Chi Chuan handed down by Master Zhang Sanfeng. Because it contains 5 steps and 8 positions, it is also called Tai Chi Mu Boxing. Wudang Tai Chi Chuan applies the soft to overcome the hard, stillness to restrain movements. It reacts later but take upper hand first. Read more

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